Women for the World: Empowering Women through Wellness

15 Oct 19

Sabina Sulovsky is the face behind Project Mamma - a health, fitness and wellness program for busy women and mothers. As part of her support for Women for the World, she kindly donated 3 Transformation Well-being packages worth $1,999 each. These were used as auction prizes for each of our three Women for the World gala events in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. All of the proceeds went towards supporting Caritas programs that empower women around the world.

Sabina Picture Project Mamma (1)
Photo credit: Caritas Australia

Photo credit: Caritas Australia

Sabina’s generosity and contribution is a selfless reflection of the Catholic social teachings that we all strive to embody at Caritas. We spoke to Sabina to gain insight into both her motivations and aspirations for women around the world.

Tell us why you decided to support Women for the World?

I’m actually half Pakistani. So when I heard about Caritas’ work in the region, particularly its programs supporting women, it’s something that is quite close to my heart. So, to be able to help raise funds for something like this a huge honour and a huge opportunity so I jumped at the chance.

I wanted to support Caritas any way I could. I was basically throwing things at Caritas because I just wanted to raise as much money as possible because its such an awesome charity. Therefore, I donated a few Transformation packages which support women’s well-being. In this country we are fortunate enough to have access to really great facilitates for our well-being, but that’s not the case everywhere. So, to know that these packages can also help women in other countries achieve a sense of well-being is a nice feeling.   


Where do you see empowerment going for women in the next couple of years? Where would you like to see it go?

One of the things I actually want to start up is helping women earn money for themselves. Similar to Shimray who spoke at the Women for the World luncheon and her story about how she helped a woman purchase a sewing machine. The woman was in such a low position in the community and yet from that she was able to elevate not just herself but also the people around her. Its such a powerful story and one that I’ve relayed to so many of my friends.

It shows how just helping one person – more importantly - the person that is in most need of it can make such a massive difference. Obviously it’s not always possible to help the whole village. But if you are able to help just one women, they’re empowerment can impact the whole village and change the community around them for the better.

As a business owner it’s empowering to have your own business, own money and to have financial independence. So that’s where I would like to see things go for women across the world into the future.


How did you become aware of Caritas and Women for the World?

I‘ve known about Caritas for a long time. I remember learning about Women for the World through a friend, and saying that is an amazing opportunity to help women and to be part of an important movement. And so I’ve always tried to share Caritas’ stories when I see social media posts come up. When they were looking for auction prizes it seemed like a no-brainer to try and contribute to such an important cause. I hope that my contribution can help because I think will transform lives. It's just a huge honour to be part of such an important movement.

If you would like to learn more about Caritas' work with women all around the world, head on over to our Women for the World site: https://www.womenfortheworld.org.au/