St Pius X students raise over $17,000 for Project Compassion

18 Apr 19

Moved by twelve-year-old Thandolwayo’s experience of walking seven kilometres a day to retrieve clean water, the students of St Pius X, Adamstown sought to make a difference. Around 1000 students took part in a three kilometre walk of solidarity, raising funds and awareness for the global issue of water scarcity. The event smashed their fundraising goal with a phenomenal $17 520 raised for this year’s Project Compassion.

We spoke to Adam Frost, St Pius X Ministry Coordinator and the organiser of this year’s Caritas Ks event

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St Pius X students at their Caritas Ks event
Photo credit: Brooke Robinson, MNN news

St Pius X students at their Caritas Ks event
Photo credit: Brooke Robinson, MNN news

Why are you organising this event?

We have been using the traditional way of fundraising for Project Compassion for years and wanted to change it up.  I learnt about Caritas Ks and saw that it was an active way to help students engage in social justice action. For us, it was about connecting our Catholic faith and social justice teaching with real world issues, as well as building our own sense of community.

The online fundraising through the Caritas website made managing the process so much easier and made this large amount possible.  Nearly 1000 individual fundraising pages were established and shared with family and friends though social media and other means.

What’s your message to the wider Australian public?

Students at St Pius X embraced the Caritas Ks event and the challenge to make a difference to children like Thandolwayo.  The online sponsorship took raising money to the next level, as the burden was shared with friends and family.  Young people do have a heart for social justice and like to see their effort make a difference.  We are happy that the money raised will improve the lives of others.

How does your knowledge of social injustices, and in this case, water shortages change the way you live?

Water security is a real issue for the world.  With the impact of climate change, it is crucial for young and old to value water more highly.  This Lent, we developed greater solidarity with Thandolwayo, and others like her.  We need to make changes to how much water we use at home and at school, as well as acting for change in places where clean water is so scarce. 

Caritas Australia have been a significant influence on how aware our students are becoming about the issues facing the world and what can be done to help.