Story of Caritas volunteer Jamie Jing

05 Nov 19

Caritas Australia is only able to perform its important work in schools and communities through the support of dedicated volunteers.

One way that Caritas does this is through its justice resources, which are tools for teachers to enhance their teaching and learning across all areas and promote not only the work of Caritas but also raise awareness of important global issues such as poverty, climate justice, food security and fair trade.

Jamie Jing is Caritas Australia’s talented volunteer graphic designer. 24-year-old Jamie, who is originally from China, completed International Politics for her bachelor degree in China and is also completing a Master of Design at UNSW.

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Photo credit: Caritas Australia

Photo credit: Caritas Australia

Her personal interests include graphic design, animation, drawing, painting and jewellery making.

“The work that took me the longest time and I am most proud of is the curriculum maps for schools. They used to have them all in one excel file and wanted me to redesign them to make them more user friendly and visually engaging,” Jamie says.

“So with the help of my coordinator Nat and other colleagues I designed the new maps with more cheerful colours and interactive interfaces so that they are easier for the teachers to use.”

“I have always been interested in how charity organizations work and wanting to participate in some ways. This volunteering position at Caritas is an excellent opportunity for me to do good deeds and help people, as well as to improve my skills. I was amazed to see how people's lives have been greatly enhanced by Caritas's amazing programs, and I felt proud to be able to volunteer in such an empowering organisation.”

Jamie Photo 2

Photo credit: Caritas Australia

“I often share the insights and knowledge I get from volunteering at Caritas with people around me, and at the same time, introduce Caritas's work and values to them. This year the theme of our final project at uni is to respond to one of the 17 United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals as designers. I was so glad to be able to share some invaluable knowledge I learned at Caritas with other students, especially from the talk I listened to earlier delivered by representatives from Pacific Islands on the topic of climate change. “

“I love drawing and painting. I want to work in the creative industry as an artist and use my skills to tell stories and influence people and eventually make a difference to the world.”

Thank you Jamie, not only for sharing your skills and talents so generously with us, but for becoming and advocate for the work of Caritas Australia.


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