Justice Animators Coming to Your Community!

12 Aug 20

In a time where coronavirus has changed the way we live, technology is connecting Social and Ecological Justice Animators to a greater number of communities across the country.

Through presentations, interactive workshops and questions and answers sessions, our team of Social and Ecological Justice Animators bring life to the mission and goals of Caritas Australia within the community.

“We are showing our supporters the life-changing impact of the work they enable by connecting parishes and schools with Caritas’ International Programs staff,” says Social & Ecological Justice Animator for NSW and ACT, Christopher Nolan.

“We promote and explore important events like Project Compassion, Season of Creation, Reconciliation Week and other key points in the social justice calendar.”

School and parish communities and your everyday support enable our shared vision for a just world, free of poverty.

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Chris Nolan is a Caritas Australia Justice Educator having a conversation with Australian schools and parishes about Caritas Australia’s movement for social justice, globally.

Crisnolan Caritasaustralia Justiceanimators
Chris Nolan, Caritas Australia.