Hope from crisis: Lebanon two months after the Beirut explosion

18 Nov 20

More than two months after the explosion that tore through Beirut, killing over 100 people, wounding over 5000 and leaving over 300,000 homeless, the Caritas network, through your support, is on the ground responding to ongoing and urgent needs.

Your support is enabling the Lebanese people to begin the slow journey of healing from the psychological and emotional trauma of this tragedy. Beirut is trying to recover from the explosion amidst intense political and socio-economic crises and in a society where half the population live below the poverty line and there is no social safety net.

With your help, the Caritas network’s response includes an emergency as well as longer-term response in the areas of food, water, healthcare, infrastructure repair and cash support.

Through your support, the network has already provided:

  • 1,329 hygiene kits which will help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • 4,756 food kits and 96,823 hot meals to families and individuals in need.
  • First aid sessions, including 143 psychological sessions and 507 medical sessions.
  • 26,548 medicines have been distributed to patients most in need.
  • 887 house damage assessments and 390 home renovations.

Your support is needed now more than ever as Lebanon recovers from the Beirut blast during a viral pandemic. Visit our Middle East regional appeal and please donate today.

Ann-Marie is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW and a loyal supporter of Caritas Australia. As a person of Lebanese descent, she feels strongly about the place of the Lebanese community in Australia.

Young Australian-Lebanese send love and support to Beirut

Ann-Marie is a dedicated Caritas Australia supporter and a Lebanese-Australian NSW Solicitor.

Ann-Marie spoke of the significance of her Catholic faith during harrowing times like this.

“It’s amazing that when in times of devastation and trials, the simple act of reciting the Lord’s prayer in Arabic is enough to invoke an overwhelming sense of solidarity with the people of Beirut.”

Ann-Marie also spoke of the importance of the work of Caritas Australia to provide

immediate and long-term relief.

“Part of the healing process for me was the ability to feel like I have made a difference to the life of even just one fellow Lebanese brother or sister who has been directly impacted by the horrific blast,” Ann-Marie says.

“Caritas Australia gave me that sense of community and this has truly helped me to heal."

Thank you Ann-Marie for your generosity and sense of community leadership at this difficult time!

Young Lebanese volunteers put ‘hand in hand’ to rebuild their country

In Beirut, young women like Theresiaare volunteering their time and energies in the clean-up and recover effort in the heart of Beirut. Photo: Caritas Lebanon.

Theresia has been volunteering for Caritas Lebanon Youth Department for almost six years now. Following the Beirut explosion in August, Theresia and her colleagues were operating on a rotational basis all day, and every day to support the victims of the blast. “People are asking for support in renovating their houses. We, as Caritas Lebanon, will be offering these services at the second stage of our response. What we are providing now is temporary shelter for the victims whose houses are in an extremely bad condition.”

Support those like Theresia by visiting the Middle East regional appeal today!