Through drought and flood

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Noel and Adelia

In Mozambique, drought and flood are caused by an ongoing El Nino pattern. It robs communities of food crops for months on end, while severe floods make land water-logged and untenable.

Preparation and prosperity

In 2013, Noel and Adelia Chongo were living with their five children seven kilometres from the Limpopo River in Chokwe, Mozambique. They, like thousands of others, were caught in floods that destroyed their homes, their farms and their livelihoods.

For hard working people like Noel and Adelia, witnessing the destruction of their life’s work in a matter of moments was a brutal and disorienting experience. This is the kind of poverty that strikes at the heart and not just at the body.

With emergency funds from Caritas Australia and Caritas Regional Chokwe, families like Noel and Adelia’s were equipped to withstand and overcome weather circumstances beyond their control by:

  • Planting drought resistant crops and fruit trees
  • Learning how to build and maintain a storage
  • Selling chicken and eggs

Noel and Adelia not only survived the poverty and uncertainty of their circumstances, but they have maintained a sense of hope for the future. They thank you for empowering them to support themselves.

This story appears in Caritas News Winter 2018.

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